Mission B to B: Satisfecit Moroccan textile manufacturers in Canada



Positive results for the industry’s first prospecting mission organized by Morocco Export in Canada. Organized from 20 to 27 September in partnership with AMITH ESITH and with the participation of the Ministry of Industry, this prospecting mission aimed to “find a niche market in that sector, as well as identify new opportunities for the development of partnership projects between Moroccan companies and their Canadian counterparts, “says one from Morocco Export. Mohammed Lahlou, President ESITH, “The first observation allows us to note that the production of technical use textiles (TUT) may be using equipment available to Morocco, even for PME / PMI, but with materials having specific properties, including high performance “, adding:” the strength of the Canadian business lies in networking and synergy between the various stakeholders of the value chain, but also a technical center and research that accompanies the realization of innovative projects. The ESITH with its equipment and its R & D is able to provide the necessary support to Moroccan companies to successfully develop new products in the TUT high added value. ” As for participating companies, exchanges with Canadian entrepreneurs have been “fruitful, allowing for more clarification on the same accessibility in the short term, this niche industry, provided they receive support for target markets for these products. ” Export towards Morocco, the government is committed to “create exporters inter-sectoral synergies connected to new markets to develop,” says Zahra Maafiri, Executive Director of Export Morocco. Placed in context, this mission has enabled more concretely to reinforce the strategic choice of the Ministry of Industry to develop TUT technical textile industry for the new repositioning of the textile industries in the national economy. “The visit of industrial sites in Canada enabled us to enact the success of this sector as part of an efficient ecosystem model advocated by the industrial Acceleration Plan. This benchmark is timely, on the eve of the launch of the TUT ecosystem in Morocco, “says the representative of the ministry. For a first, this mission would have exceeded its exploratory objectives and will permit the achievement of a benchmark to ultimately trace the potential for partnership between Morocco and Canada for textiles for technical use.

source:http://www.leseco.ma/les-cahiers-des-eco/pme/216-actualite/37387-mission-b-to-b-satisfecit-des-textiliens-marocains- au-canada.htm