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The Cluster cluster of Technical Textiles Moroccans helps turn a good idea or opportunity in a collaborative R & D project. It has, for this, the Committees and it can mobilize experts in the field. Mounting a collaborative project includes a labeling process. The “Cluster C2TM” label is granted by the Board of Directors of the cluster on the recommendation of Selection and Labeling of Projects Committee (PRSP). The latter is composed of the Presidents of the Thematic Commissions and, if necessary, experts in the field, held in confidentiality. The expertise of the consultation and decision-making Cluster guarantees the quality of the label “Cluster C2TM“. The following paragraphs describe the steps to get a project to be labeled.

Labeling process

It is recommended that the project manager to take first knowledge of the labeling process (download document) before making contact with the direction of the cluster. Any member of the cluster that has a project idea (project that can be part of a financial mechanism) or seeking partners or rare skills has everything to gain to apply for certification if the project corresponds to the cluster C2TM


The first step is to contact the leadership of the Cluster which informs the project leader of the principles guiding the issuance of Cluster C2TM label: the innovative nature, the need to bring together partners, the obligation to match the thematic cluster

Documents to download

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