The cluster

The Cluster of Moroccans Textiles Techniques – C2TM was founded in November 2013, among the founding members include both companies, public and private institutions as well as educational and research institutions. The main purpose of the cluster is to position the supply of Moroccan companies on technical textiles sectors with high added value, and stimulating innovative collaborative projects in this area.


The collective vision shared by the founding members of the cluster is to position the supply companies on technical textiles sectors with high added value by acting on the following areas:

  • Enhance the competitiveness of member companies through innovative products with high added value in the technical textile sectors;
    Capture a share of the domestic market and gradually move towards export.


 Textile companies


Cluster Governance

Board of directors

The Association is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of 16 members at most, elected Constituent or Ordinary General Meeting. These members are legal entities who appoint their representative and his duly mandated alternate.


The Board of Directors appoints, every three years, a Board composed of:

  • President of the association ;
  • Vice Chairman;
  • treasurer;
  • General manager.

The permanent

The animation structure consists of a General Manager and a team to ensure the smooth operation of the cluster.

The thematic commissions

The committees working on assignments and / or projects to achieve the goals and strategic directions of the Association. They are designed as spaces for reflection on the development of the cluster. Their role is especially to act upstream and downstream of the project process to create a favorable environment for project development.

Institutions and Institutional Education

AMITHAssociation of Textile Industries of Moroccan and Clothingt
ESITHSchool of Textile Industries and Clothing
CTTHTechnical Center for Textile and Apparel